I should take my own advice.

if you’re a jittery ball of nerves like I am, only to be quelled by the art of stitching, then this is for you. STOP FREAKING OUT.


What does that say?!?!?!

Oh yeah, its true. Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to say this to pretty much everyone. Big thanks to “subversivecrossstitch.com” for putting exactly what i wanted to say, into stitchery.

I made a little teapot short and stout...

Here is its handle, here is its…ok ill stop. sorry for the blurry.

Sugar Skull

I started this well over a year ago and was a tad overwhelmed with all the white-on-white stitched required, so I put it aside. Recently had no Aida cloth so decided to finish this. Very pleased with how it turned out.